Natural Pyrite stone Mineral pendant necklace 22"

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This is a really amazing natural Pyrite stone crystal mineral necklace from Bankok Thailand that I got last time I was there. It was hand woven by a guy on Kowsan road and I knew someone would love to have it.

The necklace string consists of a strong woven fiber. The string has a very slight waxy feel to it as the braider needed to apply wax to it when making it. He said water would not hurt it so if desired some light soapy washing should removed it if desired. It closes with a small coconut shell button clasp.

Some properties of Pyrite:

The mineral pyrite is an Iron Sulfide (FES2) that slightly resembles gold. The name likely comes from the Greek word Purites corresponding to “of fire” “in fire” or “fire”. This name was applied to types of stone that spark when struck against steel. In some types of Pyrite interestingly enough a tiny percentage of gold can be found but it us normally less than .5 %. Also gold is sometimes found in close proximity to Pyrite. Pyrite may be fools gold but it is only foolish to not search a little further if you find it.

Pyrite is known as a healer’s stone and a stone of power. It is thought to create a better balance and flow between right and left brain functions. Helps to transform intuitive and creative thought into logical action. Protects against bacterial and viral infections and helps one attain a better state of health.

The dense metallic properties of the crystals are used to attract money and good fortune.
Pyrite can be cleansed and recharged with sunlight.

Necklace Size: 22" long ( 55.9 cm long )

Pendant Size: .9" tall and .7" wide ( 2.3 cm tall and 1.8 cm wide )

Weight: .6 oz ( 16 gm )

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