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LARGE Lot of Epson Parts

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LARGE Lot of Epson Parts
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We received this lot from a company that used to do Epson repairs.
It LOOKS like they MIGHT be unused original Epson replacement parts.

This lot includes:

  • 1 Ea: Part Number Y566201100: I/PBMA Circuit Brd Unit w/CPU (LQ500 MB)
  • 1 Ea: Part Number Y46320100003: TAMA Board Unit
  • 1 Ea: Part Number Y452010001: MONMA Board
  • 1 Ea: Part Number Y1260125251: Switch Panel Cover C
  • 1 Ea: Part Number Y162521000: Seiko Epson HS Electronics HN-110B Power Supply
  • 1 Ea: Part Number 110-525D: P.W.B. Power Board
  • 1 Ea: Part Number F336554020: LQ500 Knob
  • 1 Ea: Part Number W510106000: J/Transfer Charger Assembly
  • 1 Ea: Part Number F420100000: I/Dot Head Unit U
  • 1 Ea: Part Number 309-248A: E/PWB Assy Sub
  • 1 Ea: Part Number F303036020: Paper Holding Cover
  • 1 Ea: Part Number B765109801: G/Extension Cable # E649 9 Pin
  • 1 Ea: Part Number X510120000: H/Push Lock (2A16)
  • 1 Ea: Part Number Y18420200000: YWP-C Chet-RM Board
  • 12 Ea: Part Number Y147037001: H/Screw Cap
  • 1 Ea: Part Number F419100000: FX850/1050 J/Dot Head Unit
  • 5 Ea: Part Number Y126018051: H/Screw 3
  • 5 Ea: Part Number F322266020: J/Paper Holding Cover (Right)
  • 1 Ea: Part Number Y171202000: MTR-MT Board
  • 1 Ea: Part Number Y162803002: Blank Eprom
  • 7 Ea: Part Number B010304512: H/C B Screw
  • 1 Ea: Part Number Y144211000: H/AGN-MT Circuit Board Unit (I+ Card Opt Slots)
  • 3 Ea: Part Number F337005050: Ribbon Mask
  • 1 Ea: Part Number B765109001: J/Extension Cable #E636 15 Pin
  • 2 Ea: Part Number Y144038101: H/Fixing Screw 2
  • 1 Ea: Part Number B765105801: J/Tool #E601 (Cable)
  • 1 Ea: Part Number F344260020: Tractor Wheel
  • 2 Ea: Part Number F323551260: Sheet Guide (309-1300)
  • 1 Ea: Part Number F425100000: Dot Head Unit (LX 800/810/850/Apex 80)
  • 1 Ea: Part Number B765111001: I/Mechanism Lift Handles #E656
  • 4 Ea: Part Number F303011040: H/Paper Holding Cover Spring
  • 1 Ea: Part Number Y162802002: Blank Eprom
  • 1 Ea: Part Number Y144521000: AGPS (Power Supply) Equity I+
  • 1 Ea: Part Number Y461203100: PEGP Board Unit
  • 1 Ea: Unmarked Unit (Flyback ??? or ??) with 9 pin cable coming out of it
  • 1 Ea: Another unmarked unit that also might be a flyback unit or ???
  • 3 Ea: Part Number Y162012051: H/Lid A
  • 1 Ea: Part Number Y162011051: H/LED Lens (162-1110)
  • Then are some that the labels came off the bags. The labels say: F353253050 Tractor Assembly (Right); F346264000 Rear Tractor Assembly (Right); F334257041 Tractor Assy R; F353253040 Tractor Assembly (Left); F334005160 Ribbon Mask Holder :: The total number of those units is 14.
  • Plus some other unmarked items will be included.
  • Plus we are going to include some new Epson items we had in stock:
    10 Ea: Epson Number 7407 Font Module
    1 Ea: Epson Number 7402 Font Module
    1 Ea: Epson Number 5794 Collector Unit
    1 Ea: Epson Number 5793 Drum Cartridge (the box got dinged and it cracked some of the plastic insert
    but we THINK the unit was unharmed

The items in this lot are untested and it will be an as is sale.

We are offering the WHOLE LOT.

The price is: $ 70.00 for the lot

plus the shipping cost & handling fee listed below:

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