On Hold Infrared Digital Thermometer Gun with Laser Sight (Non Contact)

Infrared Digital Thermometer Gun with Laser Sight (Non Contact) for taking temperatures from a distance.

This thermometer is perfect for anyone needing to check the temperature of a running machine or instrument. With its long range, accurate measurement, and immediate response, now you can take an instant temperature reading of a machine or operating device. Mechanics can test the temperature of air conditioners, heater pipes, and furnaces. Car enthusiasts can check for overheating engine parts or blocked cooling system. And anyone can use it to find where their house is losing hot or cold air!

Using this thermometer is easy, safe, and pleasant for everyone to use. Just aim and pull the trigger. The LCD screen instantly displays the temperature. The red laser sight helps you aim at targets both near and far away. The laser sight can also be turned off when you need to discreetly check people around you for H1N1 Swine Flu.

This device starts paying for itself immediately by saving you time, money, and worry. Its wide range of application make it a must-have item for electricians, mechanics, building inspectors, maintenance men, and DIY handymen. Buy one for yourself today, or order in bulk for greater savings

At a Glance...
 Non Contact Infrared Thermometer
 Up to 8 meter range
 Displays temperature reading in less than 1 second
 Laser pointer for accurate aiming
 Display Celsius or Fahrenheit
 Backlit screen lets you use this thermometer day and night
 Grip handle and trigger for easy use
 Automatic power saving
 Saves last temperature taken

Manufacturer Specifications
 Primary Function: Non Contact Infrared Thermometer
 Temperature Range: -32 to 300 °C (25.6 to 572 °F)
 Accuracy: +- 1. 5°C/F, +-1.5%
 Response Time: 500 milliseconds
 Resolution: 0.1 °C or 0.1 °F
 Units: Display in °Celsius or °Fahrenheit
 Emissivity: 0.95
 Wavelength: 8-14 um
 Distance to Spot Size Ratio: 12:1 (Can take temperature of a 2 cm-large target from a distance of 24 cm)
 Range: Up to 8 meters
 Battery Usage Life: 12 hours
 Storage Temperature: -20 to 60 °C (-4 to 140 °F)
 Dimensions: 5.75” x 3.14” x 1.5” (L x W x H)
 Certifications: CE

Product Notes
 Automatic Data Hold
 Automatic Power Saving
 Turn backlight on or off
 Turn laser sight on or off

Package Contents
 Model CVHM-H13 Infrared Digital Thermometer Gun with Laser Sight (Non Contact)
 9V Battery
 User Manual - English

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
 Can this thermometer detect Swine Flu (H1N1)?
This thermometer measures temperature. It will not directly tell you if someone has Swine Flu, but it will you monitor your and others' temperatures to be on the look out for high temperatures and fever.
 If I use this IR thermometer to take someone's temperature, will they feel anything?
No, absolutely nothing. They will not even know you are taking their temperature.
Is this thermometer safe?
Yes. This thermometer uses infrared to read temperatures, which is perfectly safe. Just make sure that you don't shine the laser into anyone's eye! If you want to measure the temperature of someone's eye, please use a different

Current Reviews: 15
May 11 2009
Reviews for: (Infrared Digital Thermometer Gun with Laser Sight (Non Contact))

Great product by Andrejs - on Jun 19 2010
Very compact design, fast data reading, so using it is very discreet. Works perfect for checking food temperature - both in freezers, as well as cooking. Great for a price!

Fantastic service! by Debbie Xeni - on May 12 2010
Three day's delivery to the UK is just superb. Product in good shape
Customer support is always priority for me. You have proved your worth. Thank you so much.

Surprisingly useful by Byron Montgomerie - on Apr 28 2010
It's great for checking oven temperatures, electronics temperatures, stuff like that, it's ballpark, within a few degrees or so. Very well made, professional construction. Skin temperature in humans is approx 32-34 degrees Celsius. :)

Tuti cucc! by Attila Bakó - on Apr 19 2010
Teljesen korrekt hőmérö, szépen kivitelezett, minőségi anyagból.
Ajánlom mindenkinek.

you have interesting items. I love your web. by Marios Polydorou - on Apr 08 2010
Clever and items usefull items. I ll buy everything............

Great Quality, best value for money by Ioannis Lechouritis - on Feb 22 2010
Very good quality, accurate and too much for that money.

good prodct by Ruddi Geers - on Jan 20 2010
Very quick delivery to the Belgium 3 days , and i works perfect
Good job guys

Great Value For Money by Rafael - on Dec 11 2009
Thermometer works as specified, even though it is not reliable for taking someone's temperature.
Anyway, it's so practical to check your heater, air conditioning... Or even for fun with your pets (be careful with their eyes!)
Very important thing: I ordered it on Monday and received it by Thursday (from China to Spain!).
Fastest delivery I have ever seen! (I choose FedEx) AMAZING!
I would recommend everybody buying here!
Thanks! I give you 5 Stars!

Excellent Quality, great price, fast delivery by Jorge Martínez - on Nov 03 2009
I got this item and I'm very satisfied , works great and the product finishing looks reliable

good prodct by twan janssen - on Oct 27 2009
Very quick delivery to the Netherlands 3 days , and i works perfect
Good job guys

Good an flexible by Mattheos Matthioudakis - on Oct 04 2009
Special for detecting swine flu

quality by Pashalis Delis - on Sep 29 2009
Surprised from the quality of that product. Very good

ottimo prodotto by stefano galatolo - on Sep 18 2009
velocissimi nella consegna della merce

item look great n work good too wow by mark penas - on Sep 02 2009
cant wait to get more of this product

good by albertaj mataj - on Aug 05 2009
its good quality

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