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Pair of Books by Grant R. Jeffrey

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Pair of Books by Grant R. Jeffrey
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Pair of Books by
Grant R. Jeffrey
  • Softcover Book by Grant R. Jeffrey
  • Over 330 pages
  • 4th Printing - January 1994
  • Copyright 1991 by Grant R. Jeffrey

" Explore these vital topics:

  • The War In The Gulf: The Rise Of Babylon
  • Russia's Secret Agenda In The Gulf
  • The Rise of the Fourth Reich - Kingdom of the Antichrist
  • Israel's search For the Coming Messiah
  • Islam's Messianic Hope - Jesus Christ in the Koran
  • Israel and Palestine - Whose Land Is It?
  • The Secret Tunnels and Treasures Of Solomon's Temple
  • The Mysterious Copper Scroll and the Treasures of the Temple
  • The Road To Armageddon and the Battle For The Earth "

Contents includes:

" Introduction: Keys to Understanding Prophecy

Part One: Countdown to Armageddon

1. Longing for the Messiah

2. Daniel's Dream of World Empire

3. Russia's Appointment With Destiny

4. Europe: The Fourth Reich,
Kingdom of Antichrist

5. The Rise of Babylon, The War in the Gulf

6. Israel, Rebirth of a Kingdom

7. The Signs of the Coming King

Part Two: The Search for the Messiah

8. Israel's Search for the Messiah

9. Islam and the Coming Messiah

10. The Church and Its Messianic Expectations

Part Three: Jerusalem and the Temple

11. Jerusalem and the Temple of Gold

12. Search for the Treasures of the Temple

13. The Hidden City, Underground Jerusalem

Part Four: The Coming Messiah

14. The Mystery of the Church-
The Kingdom Postponed

15. The Road to Armageddon

16. The Coming of the Messiah

17. The Messiah and the Millennial Kingdom "

  • Softcover Book by Grant R. Jeffrey
  • Over 325 pages
  • 4th Printing - February 1995
  • December 1992 Frontier Research Publications
  • © Copyright 1992 by Grant R. Jeffrey

" Explore these vital prophecies:

  • God's Judgment of the Nations: America, Europe and Israel
  • The Early Church's belief in a pretribulation Rapture
  • Mystery Babylon - the Inquisition of the false church
  • The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  • Antichrist - The Dictator of the New World Order
  • What happened to the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel?
  • Escape from the Great Tribulation and the Mark of the Beast
  • Armageddon - The Final Battle of this age
  • Why did the early Church believe Christ would return in our generation?
  • Paradise restored - the glorious New Jerusalem "

Contents includes:

" Introduction

1. Interpreting Revelation

2. The Visions of Revelation

3. Christ's Message to the Seven Churches

4. The Imminent Rapture of the Saints

5. The Antichrist and the False Prophet

6. The Seven Seal Judgments

7. The Redeemed of the Tribulation

8. War in Heaven - Hell on Earth

9. The Mystery of Two Babylons

10. The Great Day of His Wrath - Final Judgments

11. The Judgment of the Nations

12. Israel in the Valley of Decision

13. The Search for the Ten Lost Tribes

14. The Millennial Kingdom

15. The Great White Throne Judgment

16. The New Jerusalem

17. A New Heaven and New Earth

Appendix - Prophetic Views Held by the Early Church

Selected Bibliography "

They are both in very good condition with minor wear.
No torn or ripped pages.
There is a name and address label from the previous owner on the inside front cover of one of them.
No other markings or writing.
The price is: $ 15.00 for the lot

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