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1920 HB
  • Hardback book by Israel Abrahams, D.D., M.A.
    Author of "Jewish Life in the Middle Ages,"
    "Chapters on Jewish Literature," etc.
  • Over 365 pages
  • Copyright 1920 by The Jewish Publication Society of America

According to the Preface:
" Wayfarers sometimes use by-paths because the higways are closed.
In the days of Jael, so the author of Deborah's Song tells us, circuitous sidetracks were the only accessible routes.
In the unsettled condition of Israel those who journeyed were forced to seek their goal by roundabout ways. "

" But, at other times, though the open road is clear, and there is no obstacle on the way of common trade, the traveller may of choice turn to the by-ways and hedges. "

" Originally written in 1913 for serial publications, the papers collected in this volume were designed with some unity of plan.
Branching off the main line of Hebraic development, there are many by-paths of the kind referred to above- by-paths leading to pleasant places, where it is a delight to linger for a while.
Some of the lesser expressions of the Jewish spirit disport themselves in those out-of-the-way places.
Though oft neglected, they do not deserve to be treated as neglible. "

" None can surely guide another to these places.
In the present instance this qualification may be claimed.
For the writer has turned his attention chiefly to his favorites, choosing books or parts of books which appealed to him in a long course of reading, and which came back to him with fragrant memories as he set about reviewing some of the former intimates of his leisure hours.
The review is not formal; the method is that of the causerie, not of the essay.
Some of the books are of minor value. curiosities rather than masterpieces; in others the Jewish interest is but slight.
Yet in all cases the object has been to avoid details, except in so far as details help even the superficial observer to get the author's heart, to place him in the history of literature or culture.
Not quite all the authors noted in the volume were Jews- the past tense is used because it was felt best to include no writers living when the volume was compiled.
It seemed, however, right that certain types of non-Jewish workers in the Hebraic field ought to find a place, partly from a sense of gratitude, partly because, without laboring the point, the writer conceives that as all cultures have many points in common, so it is well to bear in mind that many cultures have contributed their share to produce that complex entity- the Jewish spirit. "

Contents includes:

  • " Author's Preface
  • PART I
  • The Story of Ahikar
  • Philo on the "Contemplative Life"
  • Josephus Against Apion
  • Caecilius on the Sublime
  • The Phoenix of Ezekielos
  • The Letter of Sherira
  • Nathan of Rome's Dictionary
  • The Sorrows of Tatnu
  • Ibn Gebirol's "Royal Crown"
  • Bar Hisdai's "Prince and Dervish"
  • The Sarajevo Haggadah
  • A Piyyut by Bar Abun
  • Isaac's Lamp and Jacob's Well
  • "Letters of Obscure Men"
  • De Rossi's "Light of the Eyes"
  • Guarini and Luzzatto
  • Hahn's Note Book
  • Leon Modena's "Rites"
  • Menasseh and Rembrandt
  • Lancelot Addison on the Barbary Jews
  • The Bodenschatz Pictures
  • Lessing's First Jewish Play
  • Isaac Pinto's Prayer-Book
  • Mendelssohn's "Jerusalem"
  • Herder's Anthology
  • Walker's "Theodore Cyphon"
  • Horace Smith of the "Rejected Addresses"
  • Byron's "Hebrew Melodies"
  • Coleridge's "Table Talk"
  • Blanco White's Sonnet
  • Disraeli's "Alroy"
  • Robert Grant's "Sacred Poems"
  • Gutzkow's "Uriel Acosta"
  • Grace Aguilar's "Spirit of Judaism"
  • Isaac Leeser's Bible
  • Landor's "Alfieri and Salomon"
  • PART V
  • Browning's "Ben Karshook"
  • K.E. Franzos' :Jews of Barnow"
  • Herzberg's "Family Papers"
  • Longfellow's "Judas Maccabaeus"
  • Artom's Sermons
  • Salkinson's "Othello"
  • "Life Thoughts" of Michael Henry
  • The Poems of Emma Lazarus
  • Conder's "Tent Work in Palestine"
  • Kalisch's "Path and Goal"
  • Franz Delitzsch's "Iris"
  • "The Pronaos" of I.M. Wise
  • A Baedeker Litany
  • Imber's Song
  • Index
  • Menasseh Ben Israel
  • Title-Page of the First Edition of Byron's "Hebrew Melodies"
  • Grace Aguilar
  • Isaac Leeser
  • Emma Lazarus
  • Isaac Mayer Wise
  • Naphtali Herz Imber "

It is in pretty good condition for its age.
The side edges of the pages are dirty and have a few stains.
There is some light yellowing to the pages due to aging.
No torn or ripped pages.
The cover is worn around the edges and the words on the side binding are slightly faded.

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