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Meteorology :: 1965 HB

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Meteorology :: 1965 HB
Meteorology :: 1965 HB
Third Edition
  • Hardback book by William L. Donn, Ph.D.
  • 3rd Edition
  • Copyright 1965 by McGraw-Hill, Inc.
  • Copyright 1946, 1951 as "Meteorology: with Marine Applications" by McGraw-Hill, Inc.
  • According to the Preface:
    " This book is primarily a general introductory text on meteorology.
    It also presents all important marine applications of the subject.
    Because the oceans cover more than seven-tenths of the earth's surface, they exert an important control over the atmosphere.
    They also provide a main "highway for amateur and professional mariners, who play a large part in the gathering of weather observations.
    Hence, two specific chapters on marine weather problems and the oceans are included, in addition to the appropriate maritime aspects given in many other chapters. "
  • Contents include:
  • " 1. Nature of the Atmosphere
    Functions and Importance of the Atmosphere
    The Exploration of the Atmosphere
    The Composition of the Atmosphere
    Height and Structure of the Atmosphere
    Weather Elements
  • 2. Heat Energy of the Atmosphere
    Heat and Temperature
    The Heating of the Atmosphere
  • 3. Temperature
    Temperature Instruments
    Thermometer Scales
    Periodic Temperature Variations
    Horizontal Temperature Variation
    Vertical Temperature Variation
    Effect of Vertical Air Motion on Temperature
  • 4. Humidity and Water Vapor
    Nature of Atmospheric Water Vapor
    Relationship between Temperature and Humidity
    Distribution of Water Vapor in the Atmosphere
    Humidity Measurements
    Humidity Instruments
    Humidity and Cargo Ventilation
  • 5. Vertical Equilibrium of the Atmosphere
    Lapse Rate and Adiabatic Lapse Rates
    Stable and Unstable Equilibrium
    Potential aand Equivalent Potential Temperature
  • 6. Condensation and Precipitation
    Process and Condition of Condensation
    Forms of Condensation
    Forms of Precipitation
    Measurement of Precipitation
  • 7. Clouds and Thunderstorms
    Amount of Cloudiness
    Classification of Clouds
    Basic Cloud Forms
    Conditions of Cloud Formation
    Reporting and Identification of Clouds
    Radar Observation of Thunderstorms
  • 8. Atmospheric Pressure
    Meaning of Atmospheric Pressure
    The Laws of Gases
    Pressure Units
    Pressure Instruments
    Pressure Variations
    Isobars and the Pressure Gradient
    High- and Low-pressure Areas
    Isobaric Surfaces
  • 9. Wind- Observation and Theory
    Characteristics of Wind Motion
    Wind Observations and Measurement
    True and Apparent Wind Relationship
    Factors Affecting Wind Motion
    The Geostrophic Wind
    The Gradient Wind
  • 10. Terrestrial or Planetary Winds
    Ideal Planetary Wind System
    The Planetary Pressure Belts
    The Planetary Wind Systems
    Winds in the Upper Troposphere
  • 11. Cyclones, Anticyclones, and Secondary Winds
    Cyclones and Cyclonic Winds
    Occurrence of Gales and Strong Winds at Sea
    Effect of Moving Cyclones and Anticyclones
    Vertical Temperature and Pressure Structure of Cyclones and Anticyclones
    Some Secondary Wind Types
    Other Local Wind Types
    Tornadoes and Waterspouts
  • 12. The General Circulation of the Atmosphere
    The Tricellular Model of the General Circulation
    Limitations of the Cellular Model
    The Eddy Theory
  • 13. Air Masses and Fronts
    Nature of Air Masses
    General Frontal Characteristics
    Types of Fronts
    World Air Masses and Fronts
  • 14. Development and Structure of Cyclones
    The Polar-front Theory or Wave Theory of Cyclones
    Development of Cyclones- Cyclogenesis
    The Mature Cyclone
    The Occluded Cyclone
    Cyclonic Development in the Southern Hemisphere
    Paths and Movements of Cyclones
    Secondaries and Cyclone Families
  • 15. Tropical Cyclones- Hurricanes
    Pressure and Wind
    The Vertical Structure: Clouds and Precipation
    Hurricane Sea and Swell
    The Storm Surge
    Paths and Regions of Occurrence of Tropical Cyclones
  • 16. Weather Analysis and Interpretation
    Taking and Transimitting Weather Observations
    Plotting the Weather Map
    Weather Map Analysis
    Frontal Analysis
    Isobaric Analysis
    Analysis of Air Masses
    Weather Forecasting
    Numerical Weather Forecasting
    Extended Weather Forecasts
  • 17. Weather at Sea
    Weather Bulletins and Data Broadcasts
    Use of Radar
    Ship Routing
    Trip Analyses
    Average Weather for the North Atlantic Ocean
    Average Weather for the North Pacific Ocean
  • 18. Optical Features of the Atmosphere
    Refraction Features
    Diffraction Features
    Diffusion and Scattering Features
    Perspective Features
    Electrically Induced Features
  • 19. The Oceans
    General Features of the Oceans
    Static and Dynamic Properties of Sea Water
    Temperature of the Oceans
    Salinity and Composition
    Density of Seawater
    Ice of the Oceans
    Water Masses
    Sea Level
    Ocean Waves
    Ocean Currents
    Surface Currents of the World
    Undercurrents "

The book is good condition with minor wear to the cover.
No torn or ripped pages. There are several pages with some pencil underlining and notations in the margins and some stray markings on the first and last blank pages.

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