On Hold Fingerprint Car Security System with GSM Alerts

Fingerprint Car Security System with GSM Alerts
The ultimate solution in car theft prevention, one complete system that has a fingerprint ignition lock, GSM messaging system, and standard car alarm style audio alerts. With this one car security system you can have total piece of mind knowing that your car isn’t going anywhere it shouldn’t be.

This powerful device uses the latest in fingerprint ID scan technology to make sure only authorized drivers with enrolled fingerprints can start the car. This primary (+ secondary) security system uses a combination of an enrolled Fingerprint plus the car key to enable the vehicle ignition. Meaning that even if someone gets a hold of your keys your car is still safeguarded from theft and misuse!

The CVKP-BG04 also works as a standard car alarm, activating whenever anyone attempts to forcibly open a door or hits your automobile. In addition, if you install a GSM SIM card into the unit you can even receive a text message alert on your cell phone whenever those impacts and forced entry's occur. Maybe the neighborhood kids keep hitting your car while playing ball, an SMS message will be instantly sent to your phone telling you that something hit your car. With this handy feature you won’t ever have to wonder where those dings and dents magically appear from, you will literally be able to catch them while they are happening! And in case you just happen to live or work in a severe wind/weather area, the sensitivity of this function can be adjusted on the CVKP-BG04 so you can effectively avoid any false warnings that are common with cheap car security systems

This fingerprint ID security system also allows you to send text commands from your mobile phone to the unit to receive important status messages or temporarily disable certain features. What does this mean to you? Well, for example, if you bring your car to the mechanic and you don’t want him to have access to your fingerprint scanner, just send a simple text message via mobile phone or keychain and the ID scan is temporarily disabled until the mechanic is finished with your car. Or, if your car is somehow hacked into and taken, you can send a message that will slowly cut-off the fuel supply, thereby disabling the vehicle. For status messages, if your daughter says she is driving home you can query the system to see if the car is actually in motion or is still parked at makeout point, a great way to keep your kids on their best behavior!

This product is manufactured using only the best parts and the latest technology available on the market today to give you modern biometric security with lifestyle convenience. In particular, the fingerprint ID scanner is designed so it can be installed anyplace in the car (even DIY it into a hidden location of your choice) and works on all brands of cars and trucks. This is a must have product if you want to protect your valuable investment from damage or theft. This product is in stock now and ready for single piece or large bulk purchase

At a glance...
 Fingerprint ignition access
 Warnings sent to mobile phone
 Adjustable alarm sensitivity
 Remote fuel cutoff via mobile phone
 Car status request sent to mobile phone
 Easy SMS cancel/resume the fingerprint verification system

Manufacturer Specifications
 Product Description: Fingerprint (ID scan) car security system with mobile messaging alerts and inquiry
 Basic Functions:
- Fingerprint save/scan/delete (can store 9 fingerprints)
- Keychain remote lock/unlock, arm/disarm
- Anti-robbing (cut fuel to engine) via SMS
- Status warning via SMS
- Inquiry for car status via SMS
- Sensitivity adjustment
- Cancel/Resume Fingerprint verification or alarm
- Temporary security disable for allowing car use by non-registered users
 GSM Support: 900/1800
 Radio Frequency of Remote: 315 MHz
 Code Sending Method: Rolling code
 Primary Parts / Functions:
System Controller Box - Acts as system mainframe, has SIM card slot
Keychain Remote(s) - Arm and disarm car security and alarms
Finger Swipe Module - Unlock fingerprint ignition lock
Users Own Mobile Phone - Can be used to communicate with the system via SMS
 Input Voltage: 12V (power from car)
 Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS, Emark
 Working Temperature: -15 to 65 C
 Manufacturer Ref: EF1A9B4C481E

Product Notes
 SIM card slot to send and receive SMS
 Advanced biometric finger print scan
 eBay Reseller Note: Here is are some examples of alternate product titles you can use for this product;
- Fingerprint ID Car Alarm System
- Biometric Car Security Alarm
- Biometric Fingerprint Car Security and Alarm System
- Fingerprint Identification Car Lock Alarm System
- Fingerprint Car Immobilizer
 Important Note: This product should only be installed by a professional. Carefully review the product manual before installing and using the CVKP-BG04 to achieve the most satisfying user experience.

Package Contents
 Model CVKP-BG04 car security system
 User guide - English
 Connecting wire sets for main frame and car installation
 Key chain remote control (x2)
 Alarm sensitivity device
 Fingerprint scanner

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
 Do I have to scan my finger print every time I want to open the door?
No, the fingerprint module is only used to start the cars ignition. You will need either either the car key or keychain remote control to open the door.
 Does the CVKP-BG04 require any batteries?
No, the unit is wired into the cars battery supply using the supplied cables. This unit operates on very little power and also has an internal backup battery just in case your car battery happens to die.
 Is this unit easy to operate or do I need a degree in technology to use it?
After instillation is complete and you use the CVKP-BG04 a few times, you will be surprised at how such an advanced product can be so easy to operate. Just unlock the door, swipe your finger and start your car like normal. When you want to secure your vehicle just turn off the ignition like normal, then get out of the car and press the lock button on the keychain. It really doesn’t get much simpler than this!
 Can the CVKP-BG04 sense fake fingers?
Yes. This unit uses advanced 3D biometrics technology and therefore rejects fakes such as pictures, fake fingers, wax coatings, and photocopies.
 How can I register my phone number with the unit?
You need to have an active SIM card installed into the black main unit for the SMS services to work. To install a SIM card, open the cap at top of the unit by undo the screw from the bottom. After you put a SIM into the unit, just follow instructions on the manual to register your number.

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