LED Grow Light - Crop Circle Edition (NASA Red and Blue)

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LED Grow Light - Crop Circle Edition (NASA Red and Blue)

LED Grow Light - Crop Circle Edition (NASA Red and Blue). L.E.D. Grow Light is an incredible way to grow plants indoors, in sheds and in green houses. This is an engineered gadget made for the indoors gardener, whatever it is your growing in your, green house, shed, or basement, rest assure the Red and Blue LED light will give your variety of plants the boost that they need.

This round LED Grow Light produces both red and blue colors in order to promote and maintain maximum plant growth. The Crop circle edition comes with a simple screw style base to simple fit in any standard house hold incandescent socket. In addition, the Crop Circle is small, portable and easy to aim. If you already posses an incandescent plant light the CVHZ-G73 can easily be retrofitted in to your current incandescent plan light.

These are the most important visible light frequencies for your indoor plants for regulating their healthy growth and enhancing the natural process of photosynthesis. By focusing on the red and blue parts of the visible spectrum, the CVHZ-G73 LED Grow Lights are incredibly efficient in optimizing plant health and also save energy by not generating light in colors that plants do not use.

The Grow Lights are also designed to be environmentally friendly. Extremely energy-efficient, the Grow Lights generate minimal levels of heat output and consume significantly less energy compared to standard fluorescent light systems. With today's skyrocketing energy costs, this LED light is also good for your wallet. As an extremely cost-effective solution to growing your favorite plants indoors, wasted heat and light are both reduced.

You will get a major buzz just from watching your tomatoes and other vegetation grow so strong so quickly! These practical LED Grow Lights would be perfect for indoor gardeners who want to reap the most benefit of maximum plant growth in their own home. This is the ideal Grow Light for plant enthusiasts and plant breeders everywhere, enjoy the fruits of your labor with these incredible Grow Lights! Order yours today as a sample to see how good it really works and then buy in bulk to optimize your cost savings!
At a Glance...
 LED Grow Light when growing indoors.
 Designed for maximum energy-efficiency
 LED Grow Light to stimulate plant growth
 Environmentally safe product with mercury-free bulbs.

China Manufacturer Specifications
 Main Function: LED Grow Light
 Power Output: 6.5W
 Input Current: 0.46A/0.23A
 Input Voltage/Frequency: 110V-220V, 50/60Hz
 Lumens: 400-450
 Input Current: 30mA Maximum
 Dimensions:
- Diameter: 120mm
- Height: 150mm
 Angle Sensor: 120 Degrees
 Expected Lifespan: 30,000 hours
 Manufacturer Ref: YZUASMU8JDS2
Product Notes
 We encourage customers to purchase multiple pieces in order to receive the absolute best value for your money; better price + better per unit shipping cost = better savings for you!
 For use indoors or in greenhouses only. Not waterproof.
 This LED Grow Light can easily be hung or mounted directly to a flat ceiling or even used for indirect lighting.
 Each LED produces light cones so that when they are clustered into arrays the light cones overlap, increasing light intensity and color mixing, meaning your plants get the most diverse combination of blues and reds for better growth stimulation.

Package Contents
 Model CVHZ-G73 LED Grow Light
 Instruction Manual - English

Frequently Asked Questions
 What are the frequencies of red light and blue light?
Both red and blue light are part of the visible spectrum, this is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to (can be detected by) the human eye. Red light has a wavelength of 620-750nm and a frequency of 400-484THz. Blue light has a wavelength of 450-495nm and a frequency of 606-668THz.
 Why is red light important for plants?
The red region has a utilization peak around 660-670 nm for Chlorophyll A and around 635-645 nm for Chlorophyll B. Plants generally make good use of all red wavelengths.
 Why is blue light important for plants?
Photosynthesis works most fundamentally from red light and secondarily from blue light. However, many plants have some need for blue light for proper growth regulation and/or flowering and/or fruiting.
 What can I grow?
You can grow any indoor plant with this Grow Fixture. LED grow lights are used to grow orchids, roses, peppers, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, herbs, kale, spinach, wheatgrass, broccoli, wildflowers, cucumbers, and many other fruits and vegetables. They are also great for growing or perking up any houseplant. Grow Lights make excellent choices for cloning and seedling lights since they can be placed in tight spaces without worrying about heat build up. The lights would also be suitable for all stages of plant growth.
 Who would use an LED Grow Light?
They are used by home hobbyists, urban gardeners and commercial growers. Even NASA uses LED grow light technology to grow plants in space!
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