The Spanish Language Speed Learning Course (easy)

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The Spanish Language Speed Learning Course (easy)
Speak Spanish Confidently … in 12 Days or Less!



DAY 1:

Getting Started with Greetings and Basic Expressions in Spanish

DAY 2:

Recognizing Letters and Sounds in the Spanish Alphabet

DAY 3:

Forming Spanish Nominal Words and Phrases

Gender-Specific Characteristic

Number-Specific Characteristic

Definite and Indefinite Articles

Learn More Spanish Nouns

DAY 4:

Getting Familiar with Spanish Pronouns

Subject Pronouns

Object Pronouns

Possessive Pronouns


DAY 5:

Learn to Describe with Spanish Adjectives

DAY 6:

Making Longer and Complete Phrases with Prepositions

DAY 7:

Introduction to Spanish Verbs

AR Verbs

ER Verbs

IR Verbs

DAY 8:

Conjugating Verbs to Present Tense

Regular Forms

Irregular Forms

Ser vs. Estar

Present Progressive Form

DAY 9:

Conjugating Verbs to Past Tense

Regular Forms

Irregular Forms

DAY 10:

Conjugating Verbs to Future Tense

Regular Forms

Irregular Forms

Be-Going-To Form

DAY 11:

Forming Basic Spanish Sentences

Declarative Sentences

Interrogative Sentences

Imperative Sentences

DAY 12:

Familiarizing Situational Phrases

Asking for Directions

Giving Directions

At the Airport

Checking in at Hotels

Riding a Bus

Riding the Train

Hiring a Taxi

Hiring a Boat

Driving Cars

Shopping for Clothes

Shopping for Food

Dining Out and Ordering Food

Visiting the Beach

Doing Sports

Problems and Complaints

Dealing with Emergencies


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