The Wars of Vis by Tanith Lee (1984)

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The Wars of Vis
by Tanith Lee

Publisher:  Nelson Doubleday, Inc.
Copyright:  1984

Book Club Edition

By the laws of the Kingdom of Dorthar, most powerful of all the realms of Vis, the heir to the Storm Lord's throne is his last-born son.  Thus should the crown belong someday to Raldnor, product of the Storm Lord's union with a light-skinned Lowland priestess.  But the Storm Lord's scheming queen, Val Mala, has other plans -- plans that set in motion an extraordinary epic of passion, treachery, ambition and clashing gods on a distant and fascinating planet.

Vis is a continent divided, dominated by the dark-haired, dark-skinned race of the Storm Lord, of his Queen -- and of their son Amrek.  Engineering the half-breed infant Raldnor's disappearance, Val Mala clears her son's path to the throne.  The Storm Lord is the story of Raldnor, raised by the light-skinned, peace-loving Lowlanders, who returns years later to Dorthar.  Strong and brave, he is hired by Amrek, now Storm Lord himself, to head the royal guard.  Neither is aware of their blood connection.  Neither bears the other ill . . . until Amrek's bride gives in to her growing passion for the pale-eyed Lowlander.

Amrek's jealous fury crystallizes his resolve to rid the continent of Lowlanders.  And only Raldnor stands between the Storm Lord and the horror of genocide.  Outnumbered, apparently overpowered, the Lowlanders turn to Raldnor and to the snake goddess Anackire for help.

Anackire returns us to Vis a full generation after The Storm Lord's shattering conclusion.  A delicate and complex political balance has held for twenty years.  Raldanash is Storm Lord in peaceful Dorthar, but a tyrant rules in Zakoris and another is rising through treachery and intrigue in Karmiss.  Piracy, assassination, torture, and racial strife spread chaos as the fragile balance of peace tips inexorably toward war.

As the armies converge, Anackire, the powerful and mysterious snake goddess, begins to stir again.  And this time, she will unleash powers far beyond the dreams -- or nightmares -- of any mortal.

Tanith Lee has been widely praised by fans and colleagues alike for her vivid world-creation and riveting prose.  In The Storm Lord and its epic companion novel, Anackire, she has spun an engrossing fantasy brimming with dark magic, action, passion and mystery.

Condition:  Used.  Hardcover.  Dust cover is lightly discolored and shows shelf wear and scuffing.  Pages may be tanning from age.  Previous owner's "Library Of" stamp is on the front endpaper.


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