Orgone Aether - THE SHIELD - Tachyon Chi Ki - Green Quantum scalar

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This is a NEW device that is designed to be the strongest portable Orgone, tachyon, aether, chi, Ki, exc. Shied made. Giving you an abundant source of orgone,tachyon,aether, chi , ki to be used for whatever way your mind can conceive . It is substantially more powerful then the “tesla shield” and considerably larger than the “tesla shield as seen in the picture below. It will come in a variety of colors (Black,red,green,blue,purple and silver) giving you a option as to what color vibration is best suited for you. It is composed of a certain sheet metal, and small metal shavings that are specially organized with a organic resign and a huge coiled quartz crystal encapsulated in a anodized aluminum shell. This is the top of the line portable Orogone/tachyon device of its kind , you could not compact a more dense orgone/tachyon field in a device of this size. The Shield is Here and ready to be used for the conversion of dead energy that reside in your local environment.

What the Orgone/ Tachyon devices that I create do.


All my devices are made with a 50/50 organic to in-organic ratio. What the organic material does is it attracts and absorbs/holds orgone or tachyon energy plus the organic resin that I use has a added effect in that when it dries and solidifies it shrinks, which creates the classic Piezoelectric effect on the crystals that are mount in my deices. Naturally the inorganic material will do the exact opposite as the organic material , which is reflect or radiate the orgone/tachyon energy. When you combined these to ingredients together along with a creator that is vibrating at I high frequency the reflecting of all the little metal particles and shaving coupled with the absorbing component of the organic material creates a high vibrating energy vortex(like a mini black hole ) which sucks in and breaks down all vibrations back in to its most creative , completely sympathetic , most basic beginning of the energy continuum form which is referred to as orgone, tachyon, aether and the hundreds of other terms that has been given to this force. Then if you are smart and understand what the mind is, and exactly what it does, you then know that the mind is the director of this primal energy/stuff. Let me explain: The mind is a sensually a transceiver transmitting and receiving vibration at the same time, which are the thoughts that are projected in your mind and as they are projected in your mind’s eye they are projected out to be receive by a being/object or whatever it may be that is vibrating and resonating at or around the same frequency that you were resonating at when you transceiver that vibration/thought. Now Knowing how the mind acts, now you can couple this with a high concentrated source of orgone/tachyon which is not vibrating at all or very little which makes it completely sympathetic(ready to be imprinted) Giving your thoughts more of the basic creative substance to manifest themselves or whatever you wish them to do . Or you can just use this Dense field of orgone/tachyon to relax in a peaceful balanced environment..

If you truly and completely understand what I have just explained, then there is no reason to give a long and extensive list of benefits that are inevitable when you have a high concentration of orgone/tachyon . But here are some for starters+ A Balanced and permeated environment of orgone=Added force for all biological systems to thrive and achieve their full capacity/potential+ the transmutation of radiation, EMF, negative emotion, and negative energies of any sort =Result:Clear unscathed, unfragmented , non – paranoid , and a non-fearful mind. Giving rise to Clear whole coherent thoughts which keeps the body in perfect health and harmony. + excess of orgone/tachyon used for all creative endeavors or mental work.The sky is literally the limit here, or the capacity of your mind to state it more clearly. Whatever you can conceive of will have more force and power behind it to manifest. You are only limited by how high your transceiver is vibrating/resonating at. The higher the frequency at which your mind is vibrating ,the more of creation you become aware of, giving you a larger realm to create or manifest in.. O yeah raising your vibration level gives you a more expanded realm of perception and creation to play in, but the other benefits are less or no negative thoughts depending on how high you have gone. It is impossible to be in a highly aware, high vibratoinal, expanded , realm with negative thoughts. So a good gauge of you own vibration frequency is the state of your thoughts.Well that should cover the basics of what my devices will do. Now I leave the direction of the infant possibilities up to you. Just remember the probability becomes more probable with orgone/tachyon.
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