Radio Shack/Realistic Service and Instruction Manuals

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Service and Instruction Manuals Library.

45 Instruction/Service manuals on CD. 

Over 230 Megabytes of data in PDF format.

  • HTX-100  (Service Manual) Includes Operating manual, schematics, wiring diagrams and modifications. 
  • HTX-10 (Service and Owners Manual)
  • HTX-200 (Users manual)
  • HTX-212 (Service and Users Manual)
  • HTX-252 (Service Manual)
  • HTX-202 (Service and Instruction Manuals)
  • HTX-245 (Addendum)
  • Pro-2006 (Service Manual)
  • Pro-2015 (Owners Manual) 
  • Pro-2016 (Owners Manual)
  • Pro-2017 (Owners Manual)
  • Pro-2018 (Owners Manual)
  • Pro-2021 (Service Manual)
  • Pro-2035 (Service Manual)
  • Pro-2050 (Owners Manual)
  • Pro-2051 (Owners Manual)
  • Pro-2053 (Owners Manual)
  • Pro-2056 (Instruction Manual)
  • Pro-2096 (Owners Manuals)
  • Pro-28 (Owners Manual) 
  • Pro-43 (Service and Instruction Manual)
  • Pro-60 (Service Manual)
  • Pro-76 (Users Manual)
  • Pro-79 (Users Manual)
  • Pro-82 (Owners Manual)
  • Pro-83 (Owners Manual)
  • Pro-92 (Owners Manual)
  • Pro-93 (Owners Manual)
  • Pro-94 (Service and Users Manual)
  • Pro-96 (Owners Manual)
  • Pro-97 (Owners Manual)
  • Pro-99 (Owners Manual)
  • DX-100 (Service Manual)
  • DX-150A (Owners Manual)
  • DX-150B (Service Manual)
  • DX-160 (Service and Owners Manual)
  • DX-200 (Service and Owners Manual DJVU)
  • DX-300 (Service Manual - PP Viewer included) 
  • DX-394  (Service and Instruction Manuals)
  • DX-395 (Instruction Manual)
  • DX-399 (Owners Manual)
  • DX-440 (Service Manual)
  • TRC-232 (Owners Manual)
  • TRC-234 (Owners Manual)
  • TRC-236 (Owners Manual) 

These are great for a Ham Radio Club library or your personal library.

Thanks for looking !

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